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The 7 Best Air Purifiers for Ferret Odor 2024 | Tested & Reviewed

ferrets with some air purifiers

Finding the best air purifier for ferret odor means having something that will help you get rid of the musky ferret smell. We have tested, researched, and reviewed the best air purifiers for ferret odor.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Coway Airmega AP-1512HH Mighty 

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Runner Up: Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto

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Also Great: Levoit Core 400S 

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Best For Ferret Bedroom: Blueair Blue Pure 211+

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Best For Large Rooms: Alen BreatheSmart 75i Pure

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Best For Removing Dirt: Honeywell 

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Best For Removing Formaldehyde: Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde

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The Best Air Purifier For Ferret Odor

Best Overall: Coway Airmega AP-1512HH Mighty 

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Modern and stylish design compared to beige unitsIt’s Loud
Color-coded air quality monitorHeavy To Move Around
Convenient carry handle for transportExpensive Replacement Filters

This performance is similar to other top machines, and it consistently works well in different places when we tested it.

We even challenged it by running its filters non-stop for two years, twice as long as recommended, and it stayed strong without any issues.

This air purifier not only performs great but is also cost-effective in the short and long run.

Plus, it’s small, quiet, and has a feature that turns off its display lights, making it perfect for use in a bedroom.

Runner Up: Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto 

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Comes in five sleek design options.Pricey because of high demand.
Has an LED monitor to show you the air quality.Lacks adjustable features.
Three-part filtration system ensures clean air.
Automatically adjusts its fan speed based on the air quality.

It’s known for being really quiet, saving energy, and having a control panel that dims its lights once you’ve set it.

It also looks nice, with a washable cover that comes in different subtle colors.

There are just a couple of small issues: The air-quality indicator light, which is a bright blue LED, only turns off when you put the unit on its lowest setting.

Plus, the company suggests changing the filters every six months, which can make yearly replacement costs a bit higher compared to the other machines.

Also Great: Levoit Core 400S 

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Built-in air quality sensor with indicatorAir-Quality sensor could be improved
Very quietToo many promotional emails after registration
Low power usage

But, the Vital 200S is brand new, it came out in January 2023, so we haven’t had enough time to see how it does over a long time.

Best For Ferret Bedroom: Blueair Blue Pure 211+

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Efficient Air CleaningNight mode is less powerful
Good Power Use
Good at large places

This makes it great for big spaces up to 650 square feet, especially if the room is really big or has high ceilings.

But, it’s a bit more expensive upfront and to run over five years, costing about $1,150.

However, this cost is similar to what you’d spend on most other big-room air purifiers.

When we tested it, the Blue Pure 211+ worked really well, and it’s also quiet and looks nice.

Best For Large Rooms: Alen BreatheSmart 75i Pure 

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Comes with lots of design and filter choicesTakes up a lot of space in the room because it’s really big
Has very strong air blowing powerIt’s a hassle to set up because it takes a long time
Easy controls and a smartphone app that shows past dataDoesn’t have a feature to schedule when it should work

It’s not very noisy, so you can easily talk or get work done while it’s running.

What’s even better is that it doesn’t cost much to run, including changing the filters, which adds up to about $140 each year.

This is less expensive than many other great models we’ve looked at. Also, it can clean the air in a big area, up to 1,300 square feet, which is much bigger than the other ones we talked about.

People think it’s going to last a long time, and the folks who bought it really liked it.

Best For Removing Dirt: Honeywell 

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Effective in removing allergens, dust, and other particulatesLouder than other models
Lights show how clean the air isIt isn’t compact as other models
Simple to change filters
Does a great job of moving air around

The InSight series has a cool feature – it shows you the quality of your home’s air with a light: green means good, orange means okay, and red means not so great.

We especially liked using the HPA5300 on auto mode because it changes the fan speed to keep your air good (green).

Setting up this model is easy, and you can put it anywhere in your home.

It’s a bit bigger than some other air purifiers we looked at, but we think it’s worth it because it works really well.

This air purifier has three levels of filters: one to get rid of smells and chemicals, a HEPA filter, and an extra filter you can buy (separately) to tackle kitchen or pet odors.

In our tests, it did a great job reducing smells and making the air better.

Now, because it has strong filters and a powerful fan, it’s a bit noisier than some others.

But even at its loudest (turbo mode), it’s still quieter than 60 decibels, so you might need to turn up the TV a bit in the same room.

You only need to change the HEPA filter once a year, and a pack of three costs around $75, which is about the average for replacement filters.

The initial cost of this air purifier might seem high, over $300, but we think it’s a great choice if you want to check your home’s air quality without needing another smart gadget.

Best For Removing Formaldehyde: Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde 

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Great at removing harmful gasesHard to remove particulates
Has a HEPA filterExpensive
Comes with a built-in humidifier as a bonus

It’s an air purifier, humidifier, and fan all in one. It quickly cleans the air, has a user-friendly control panel, and monitors air quality in real time.

The HEPA filter is excellent for allergies. You can control it via an app or voice assistants.

It even has settings for quiet operation and a remote. Just note that it’s not Energy Star certified, so it uses more energy than some others.

Our Research

A room with an air purifier

Why Trust VeryWell Animals?

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Our Research Process

For our article “The 7 Best Air Purifiers for Ferret Odor in 2023,” we went the extra mile:

  1. Market Analysis: We study the latest air purifier models and user reviews.
  2. Product Selection: We carefully choose potential air purifiers based on performance and value.
  3. Thorough Testing: Our dedicated team conducts hands-on testing of 15 air purifiers to ensure real-world effectiveness.
  4. Objective Evaluation: Our assessments cover odor removal, noise levels, energy use, filter life, and ease of maintenance.
  5. User Feedback: We consider user reviews to align with real experiences.

The Result: Trusted Recommendations

After rigorous testing, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 7 air purifiers for ferret odor in 2023. Count on us for reliable, informed pet care advice, backed by a dedicated team focused on product testing and a genuine concern for your furry friends. Your pets’ well-being is our priority.

Our Pick: Coway Airmega AP-1512HH Mighty

Courtesy: Cowaymega

After testing more than 15 different air purifiers in over 10 rounds of testing, we’ve found that the Coway Airmega AP-1512HH Mighty is the best choice for most people. We are recommending for several reasons:

Great Performance

The Coway Mighty consistently does an excellent job of cleaning the air. When it’s on its highest setting, it removes over 99% of the smell within 30 minutes.

Even on the medium setting, it still removes 88% of the smell.

It maintains this performance throughout the lifespan of its HEPA filter, which usually needs to be replaced once a year.

This means it works just as well with an old filter as it does with a new one.


This air purifier is durable. Some of our test units have run continuously for several years without any problems.

One even survived a small flood and still worked perfectly afterward.

Easy to Use

Setting up and maintaining the Coway Mighty is straightforward.

All you need to do is remove the plastic bag from the filters, insert the filters into the machine, and you’re ready to go.

We recommend running it on the medium setting, which is both quiet and effective.

Quiet Operation

It’s not noisy at all, especially when it’s in a medium setting.

You can barely hear it from a short distance away, so it won’t disturb your sleep or TV watching.

Display Control

You can turn off the display of the Coway Mighty, which is a feature we like.

Some air purifiers have very bright displays that can be annoying when you’re trying to sleep.


It can withstand some rough treatment. Even kids playing with it won’t easily damage it.

Great for Emergencies

If you live in an area with wildfires or other air-quality problems, this air purifier can help.

It can significantly reduce pollution levels even in large rooms.

Low Operating Costs

It’s not expensive to run. You only need to replace the filter once a year, and it’s energy-efficient, so it doesn’t use much electricity.

The power usage of the Coway Airmega AP-1512HH Mighty is 3.2 watts of power on low, 8.1 watts of power on medium, and 72.3 watts of power on high.

However, there have been some issues with this air purifier in the past:

Fan Issues

Some units had problems with the fan, causing the machine to shake and the fan to break. But it seems that this issue has been resolved in newer models.

Filter Odors

Some people noticed a plasticky odor when using new replacement filters. This problem also seems to have been resolved, and newer filters don’t have this issue.

Smart Features

The smart version of this air purifier comes with an app, but the app isn’t very good and asks for permissions that may concern you, like access to your location and camera.

Overall, the Coway Airmega AP-1512HH Mighty is a reliable and effective air purifier that’s easy to use and maintain. It may have had some issues in the past, but those seem to be fixed in newer models.

Runner Up: BlueAir Pure 311 Auto

Courtesy: Blueair

The Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto is another fantastic air purifier made by the same company as our previous recommendation for larger spaces.

It uses a special technology that’s really good at cleaning the air.

Here’s what makes it great:

Effective Cleaning

Just like our previous pick, it uses a filter that’s not HEPA but is still really good at its job.

It also has a clever system that gives a little electric charge to any tiny particles in the air, making them stick to the filter.

This way, they can’t float around and make the air dirty.

In our tests, even when it’s on high, this purifier can remove almost all of the very tiny smoke particles in just 30 minutes.

On medium, it’s still really good, getting rid of over 90% of those particles. That’s similar to what our other top picks do.

Stylish Design

It looks good too. It has a simple, round shape with a fabric cover that looks a bit like tweed.

It comes with a gray cover, but you can buy other colors if you like.

Energy-Efficient and Quiet

The BlueAir Pure 311 Auto has a power usage of 3 to 30 Watts depending on the mode that you are using.

This air purifier doesn’t use much electricity, especially when it’s on the medium setting we recommend for everyday use.

It’s also very quiet, so it won’t make much noise when it’s running.

Now, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

Bright Light

There’s a bright blue light on this purifier that shows you how clean the air is.

It only turns off when you set the fan to low.

Some people might find this light a bit annoying, and we wish it could be turned off on all settings like the Coway Mighty.

Filter Replacement

You need to be careful about changing the filter regularly.

It seems to work less effectively after about six months, so it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s advice and replace it every six months or so.

Overall, the Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto is a great air purifier with effective cleaning, a stylish design, and low energy use. Just remember to change the filter as recommended, and be aware of the bright light.

Also Great: Levoit Core 400s

Courtesy: Levoit

Our budget-friendly option, the Levoit Core 300, is designed for smaller rooms, like bedrooms or offices that are around 200 square feet or less.

In these smaller spaces, it works really well.

In our testing it did an impressive job.

On the high setting, it reduced a lot of smoke in our 135-square-foot test room by 97.4% in just half an hour.

On medium, it reduced the smoke by 92.6%.

It can change the air in a typical bedroom-sized space about 6.75 times per hour, which is more than what we consider a minimum of four times per hour.

And the best part is that it’s usually the cheapest among our top picks, with an initial cost of around $100.

However, it’s not the most energy-efficient option out there.

Besides that, it’s a compact and good-looking machine.

It has a feature that turns off the bright LED control panel, which makes it ideal for use in bedrooms.

Now, there are a few things to note:

  • Noise: On the high setting, it’s a bit loud for sleep and above our recommended limit for comfortable conversation. On medium, it’s quieter and more sleep-friendly.
  • Size: It’s quite small, so it can easily fit on a bedside table or a corner of your desk.
  • Display Control: You can turn off the display, so it won’t emit any light, which is great for sleeping.
  • Energy Usage: Its power usage is 38 Watts but in the European model it is 24 Watts.
  • Filter Replacement: You’ll need to replace the filters about every eight months, and the cost of running the Core 300 over five years may be about 1.5 times more than a machine like the Coway Mighty.

Despite these considerations, if you need an air purifier for a smaller space like a bedroom, office, or dorm room, the Levoit Core 300 is a solid choice.

It’s affordable and does a good job of cleaning the air.

Best For Ferret Bedroom: Blue Air Pure 211+ Auto


If you need an air purifier for a really large space, we recommend the Blueair Blue Pure 211+.

It’s super powerful and can change the air in a big area as large as 650 square feet (assuming an 8-foot ceiling).

This means it’s great for cleaning the air in large open-floor-plan homes.

It’s also a good-looking and quiet machine, so it’s easy to have in your home.

The cost of owning it for five years, including the initial price and the yearly cost of electricity and replacement filters, is about $1,150, which is similar to what most other large-space air purifiers cost.

There’s a slightly more powerful version called the Blue Pure 211+ Auto, which is also more energy-efficient and has a feature that adjusts the fan speed based on the air quality. We’re confident it will perform just as well.

In our tests, the Blue Pure 211+ did an impressive job. In just 30 minutes, it reduced tiny smoke particles by about 99.3% on the high setting and 98.4% on the quiet/medium setting, even with filters that had been running 24/7 for eight months.

With new filters, it reduced particles by 99.3% and 99.2% on the same settings.

A year later, with those same filters that were way past their recommended replacement date, it still did really well, reducing particles by 99.1% and 98.0%.

This makes the Blue Pure 211+ one of the most efficient and consistent air purifiers we’ve tested, even when you change the settings or use it for a long time.

However, there are a couple of things to be aware of:

  • Glowing Button: When the Blue Pure 211+ is on, the on/off button glows, and you can’t turn it off. If you’re someone who’s bothered by lights when trying to sleep, this might be annoying.
  • Energy Usage: On the medium fan setting, the Blue Pure 211+ uses a lot more electricity compared to the Coway Mighty and our other top picks. It consumes 46.8 watts, which is quite a bit more than the 8.1 watts used by the Mighty. So if you’re using it for a space that the Mighty or our other picks can handle, it’s using a lot of extra electricity.

Overall, the Blueair Blue Pure 211+ is a powerful and efficient air purifier for large spaces, but it does use more electricity, and the glowing button might bother some people who need complete darkness to sleep.

Best For Large Rooms: Alen BreatheSmart 75i


The Alen BreatheSmart 75i is a huge air purifier, one of the largest we’ve ever tested.

It’s incredibly powerful, but it might be a bit too much for most homes and is better suited for large spaces.

Here’s what you should know:


This air purifier is massive, measuring 27 inches tall, 12 inches deep, and 19 inches wide. It’s like a big screen turned on its side.


What’s unique about this model is that you can choose from six different colors for the front panel, which can help it fit better with your room’s decor.

However, these colors come at an extra cost of $39 on top of the $749 base price.

How it Works

The front panel can be removed to access a large HEPA filter underneath.

Air is pulled in from the sides, filtered, and then released from the top. There’s also a child-friendly vent guard in case you’re worried about little hands.

Power Consumption

The Power Consumption of Alen BreatheSmart 75i is 1.8 to 45 Watts.

Room Size

It’s designed to clean the air in rooms as large as 1,300 square feet and has a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 347 cfm at its highest speed, but there’s no breakdown for different types of pollutants.

Filter Options

There are different types of HEPA filters available, including a standard one, one with a carbon filter for odors, and one tuned for pet hair and dander.

Each filter lasts for up to 15 months, with replacements costing $100 for the standard filter and $130 for the others. There’s also a subscription option that gives you a 10% discount.


It has basic controls, including a color-coded ring that shows air quality levels.

You can adjust the speed manually or set it to automatic mode, and there’s a timer that lets you turn it off after a set time. It also has a child lock.


It’s very quiet at its lowest speed, but it can get quite loud at higher speeds, especially when it goes into automatic mode.


There’s a mobile app for controlling the purifier, but it can be a bit tricky to set up. Once it’s set up, it offers more features and information, but it’s not the most user-friendly app.


The BreatheSmart 75i is quite expensive, and its power might be more than what most homes need.

It’s better suited for commercial spaces, especially if you want it to match your office decor.

In summary, the Alen BreatheSmart 75i is a powerful and large air purifier, but it might be overkill for most homes and comes with a hefty price tag.

Best For Removing Dirt: Honeywell


The Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover is a powerful air purifier that does a great job of cleaning the air, but it comes with a few drawbacks to consider:

Air Cleaning Performance: It’s one of the top-performing air purifiers in terms of cleaning the air.

It has a high CADR (clean air delivery rate) of 300, which means it can handle large rooms up to 450 square feet.

It removes nearly 99.78% of airborne particles within half an hour, which is impressive.

However, it doesn’t continue to lower particle levels as much as some other models during longer tests.

It’s also good at reducing odors but struggled with strong smoke smells.

Noise: One downside is that it can be quite noisy. On the high setting, it makes a noticeable high-pitched sound.

If you like white noise, it might not bother you, but it can be distracting if you’re sensitive to noise.

Lowering the fan speed helps reduce the noise, but the pitch remains the same.

Ease of Use: It has simple and clear buttons for selecting fan speeds and setting a timer, but it’s relatively heavy at 17 pounds, making it less portable compared to lighter models.

Operating Cost: The Honeywell has a relatively high estimated lifetime cost of around $771.

It starts with a high list price and consumes more electricity than other models, costing about $34.16 per year in electricity.

However, its filters are relatively affordable, lasting a year and costing $60.

Value: While it offers great air cleaning performance, its high list price and operating costs put it on the expensive end of the spectrum.

In conclusion, the Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover is a strong performer in air purification, but its noise level and operating costs may not be suitable for everyone.

Best For Removing Formaldehyde: Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde 


The Dyson PH04 is a cool machine that helps make the air in your home cleaner and fresher. It looks a bit different with its unique shape and comes in white and gold or nickel and gold colors. You can take it apart easily to clean it.

One cool thing about it is that it can find and get rid of bad stuff in the air, like things that can make you sick. It’s especially good at getting rid of something called formaldehyde, which is in glues and other things you might have in your home.

It can also tell you how clean or dirty the air in your home is and can turn on by itself to clean it up when it’s not so great. It’s like a superhero for your air!

But here’s the thing: it’s not so great at getting rid of tiny dust and dirt particles in the air, like when you’re cleaning your room. Other machines do that job better.

People who have this machine seem to really like it, but some say it’s a bit expensive for what it does.

And guess what? It comes with a warranty that lasts for two years, which is pretty cool!

So, should you get it? Well, if you want a machine that’s good at removing bad stuff from the air and adding some moisture to it, this could be for you. But if you just need something to clean the dust, there might be better options out there.

Understanding the Strong Smell of Ferrets

What Are the Causes Of Ferret Smell?

Ferrets have scent glands that produce a musky odor as part of their natural communication system.

This smell can be quite strong and may be more noticeable in some ferrets than others. The intensity of the ferret smell can also be influenced by their diet.

Feeding high-quality food to your ferret can help reduce the intensity of their odor.

During mating season, hormonal changes in ferrets can cause stronger odors temporarily.

It’s important to note that de-scented ferrets still have scent glands, so they will still have a natural odor, although it may be less intense compared to intact ferrets.

How To Control Ferret Odor?

To control ferret odor regular grooming is essential as it can help to get rid of unnecessary dust particles.

Bathing them with mild shampoos formulated specifically for ferrets can help control their odor.

However, it’s important not to bathe them too frequently as it can strip away their natural oils, leading to dry skin and potentially increasing their odor.

In addition to bathing, there are other measures you can take to keep your home smelling fresh:

  • Clean your ferret’s bedding regularly.
  • Vacuum and clean your home frequently to remove any pet dander or hair.
  • Use air purifiers designed for pet odors to help eliminate any lingering smells in the air.
  • Consider using products specifically formulated for odor removal on surfaces where your ferret spends time.

Remember that while these measures can help manage the smell, it’s important to embrace the fact that ferrets do have a distinct scent as part of their nature.

Tips for Getting Rid of Ferret Smell in a House or Room

To get rid of ferret smell you should Regularly clean your ferret’s cage and litter box. This means scooping out the litter box daily and changing it at least once a week.

Cleaning the cage should be done every few days, removing any waste or soiled bedding. Using pet-safe cleaning products specifically designed to combat ferret smells can also help eliminate odor.

Look for products that are labeled as safe for use around pets and that target ferret odor removal. These products often contain enzymes that break down the compounds causing the smell.

Ensuring proper ventilation is crucial in reducing the ferret smell in your house or room. Open windows when weather permits to let fresh air circulate, and consider using fans to help remove stale air. Good airflow can help dissipate odors and keep the environment smelling fresher.

In addition to regular cleaning and ventilation, using natural odor absorbers can be an effective solution. Baking soda is a common household item that can help absorb odors when sprinkled on carpets, upholstery, or even inside the litter box. Activated charcoal is another option known for its ability to trap odors.

You can also train your ferret to use a litter box so that it doesn’t go around the house pooping everywhere. Check the condition of the ferret poop if your ferret does poop around the house for health and safety concerns.

By implementing these tips, you can effectively control and reduce ferret odor in your house or room.

Regular cleaning, pet-safe cleaning products, proper ventilation, and natural odor absorbers like baking soda and activated charcoal will contribute to a fresher-smelling environment.

Coverage Area and Room Size Considerations

To effectively combat ferret odor in your home, it’s essential to choose an air purifier with the appropriate coverage area.

The size of the room where your ferrets reside plays a crucial role in determining the right air purifier for your needs.

When selecting an air purifier, consider the square footage or cubic feet of the living space you want to target. Larger rooms may require a higher Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) to effectively reduce ferret smell.

If you have multiple rooms where your ferrets spend time, it may be beneficial to opt for portable air purifiers.

These can be easily moved between different rooms, ensuring that each area receives adequate purification.

In some cases, using multiple smaller air purifiers strategically placed throughout your home can provide better coverage than relying on a single unit.

This approach allows for more efficient odor removal and improved air quality throughout various spaces.

Remember to check the recommended room size or coverage area specified by the manufacturer when purchasing an air purifier.

This information will help you determine if a particular model is suitable for your specific needs.

Consider both the size of the room and any unique factors that may affect odor distribution, such as ventilation or pet habits.

By choosing an air purifier with optimal performance based on room size and other considerations, you can effectively combat ferret odor and enjoy fresher indoor air.

Choosing the Best Air Purifier for Ferret Odor

In conclusion, finding the best air purifier for ferret odor is essential to maintain a fresh and clean environment in your home.

By following the tips provided earlier on how to get rid of the ferret smell and understanding the strong odor associated with ferrets, you are already on your way to solving this problem.

However, investing in a high-quality air purifier specifically designed to combat pet odors will take your efforts to the next level.

When selecting an air purifier, consider factors such as coverage area and room size to ensure optimal performance.

Look for models that utilize advanced filtration systems like HEPA filters and activated carbon filters, as these are highly effective in removing pet odors.

Pay attention to features like adjustable fan speeds and noise levels to find a unit that suits your preferences.

Take control of ferret odor today by choosing a reliable air purifier that meets your needs.

With the right product in place, you can enjoy a fresh-smelling home while providing a comfortable living space for both you and your furry friend.


Can any air purifier remove ferret odor?

No, not all air purifiers are capable of effectively removing ferret odor.

It’s important to choose an air purifier specifically designed for eliminating pet odors.

Look for models that utilize HEPA filters and activated carbon filters as they are most effective at capturing and neutralizing odors caused by pets.

How often should I replace the filters in my air purifier?

The frequency of filter replacement depends on various factors such as usage time, indoor air quality, and manufacturer recommendations.

Generally, it is recommended to replace HEPA filters every 6-12 months and activated carbon filters every 3-6 months for optimal performance in combating pet odors.

Are there any other methods besides using an air purifier to reduce ferret odor?

While an air purifier is highly effective, there are additional measures you can take to minimize ferret odor.

Regularly cleaning your ferret’s cage and bedding, maintaining proper ventilation in your home, and using odor-absorbing materials like baking soda or charcoal can all help reduce the smell.

Can I use scented candles or air fresheners to mask the ferret odor?

Using scented candles or air fresheners may temporarily mask the ferret odor, but they do not effectively remove the underlying cause of the smell.

It is best to focus on eliminating the odor at its source by using an air purifier specifically designed for pet odors.

Can an air purifier help with other indoor pollutants besides ferret odor?

Yes, many air purifiers are designed to tackle a wide range of indoor pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Investing in a high-quality air purifier will not only address ferret odor but also improve overall indoor air quality for a healthier living environment.

Last Updated on 28 February 2024

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