The 3 Best Ferret Cages Of 2024 | Tested & Reviewed By Experts

best ferret cages

Choosing the best ferret cage means providing your ferret with a great shelter that they can spend time sleeping, playing with their toys, eliminate waste and many more activities.

We have tested and reviewed the best ferret cages available in the market based on the materials used, size and reliability.

Topics Covered In This Article

Why Cage Your Ferret?

The reason behind caging your ferret is that ferrets are animals that move around a lot and they might get into tight spaces or furniture around the house. To prevent this issue, ferret owners set up a cage that serves as a habitat for their furry ferret.

Having a ferret cage also ensures a fixed habitat for your ferret so you can place the bedding, litter box in it once and train your ferret to use it to make it a habit for your ferret.

The Best Ferret Cages (Our Top Picks)

Best Overall: MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit Small Animal Cage (Model 162)

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Best Budget: Prevue Pet Products 485 Feisty Ferret Home with Stand, Black Hammertone Small

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Best For Multiple Ferrets: Yaheetech 69-Inch Extra Large Wrought Iron 3 Levels with Cross Shelves and Ladders

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Top Picks Explained

This section further provides a detailed explanation about the top picks that we chose and the pros and cons about it.

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Ferret Cage
Image Credit: Amazon
What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
check orangeEasy to clean and feed with full-width double cross signExpensive
check orangeSecure environment with 1/2″ horizontal wire cross signMay be on the larger side for smaller living spaces.
check orangeManeuverable stand with locking casters for mobility and stability.
check orangeCustomizable with multiple attachment points for accessories.

With its well-thought-out design, the Critter Nation cage offers three ramps with covers, two adjustable shelves, and two removable base pans, making cleaning and feeding a breeze.

The full-width double doors ensure maximum accessibility, and the wide expanse shelf and leak-proof pans create a secure play area, preventing any potential falls. The 1/2″ horizontal wire spacing allows pets to climb and explore safely.

Assembly is a hassle-free experience with no tools required, and the cage stands at a convenient 63 inches in height. The inclusion of locking casters on the easily maneuverable stand adds both mobility and stability. The cage’s square tube frame and wire construction are sturdy and durable, promising a long-lasting home for your pets.


  • Dimensions: 36″L x 25″W x 63″H
  • Tubing (Corners): 0.6 inches square
  • Horizontal Wire Spacing: 1/2″
  • Construction: Square tube frame and wire
  • Finish: Gray Quartz Hammertone
  • Warranty: 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

In conclusion, the MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Ferret Cage is a fantastic investment for small pet owners, offering a secure and spacious environment with convenient features for both pets and owners.

Prevue Pet Products 485 Feisty Ferret Home with Stand, Black Hammertone Small
Image Credit: Amazon
What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
check orangeSpacious and multi-level design for a comfortable and entertaining ferret cross signAdditional accessories like platform covers and grass toys are sold separately.
check orangeTwo large doors with escape-proof locks ensure easy and secure access.
check orangeEasy-rolling caster wheels for convenient mobility.
check orangeRemovable platforms and tray make cleaning hassle-free.

The steel metal cage features four levels, including ramps, shelves, and a hammock, ensuring a balanced and entertaining environment for your ferret.

Accessing your ferrets is a breeze with the two large doors equipped with escape-proof locks. The option to close the mid-level floor creates two separate spaces within the cage or leaves it open for full access.

The cage’s easy-rolling caster wheels allow effortless movement from room to room, while the space-saver storage shelf stand provides a convenient place for storing toys, treats, and supplies.

Cleaning is simplified with removable platforms, a grille, and a bottom tray. The black hammertone finish adds a touch of style to any room, complementing the powder-coated steel construction for a durable and trustworthy pet home.


  • Dimensions: 31″L x 20″W x 41 ½”H (54″H on stand)
  • Wire Spacing: ⅞ inch
  • Material: Powder-coated steel
  • Finish: Black Hammertone
  • Age Range: All Stages

In summary, the Prevue Pet Products Feisty Ferret Home with Stand offers a comfortable and secure space for your ferrets, with thoughtful features that cater to both pets and owners. Its durability and functionality make it a reliable choice for ferret owners seeking a quality cage.

Yaheetech 69-Inch Extra Large Wrought Iron 3 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Squirrel Small Animal Cage with Cross Shelves and Ladders, Black
Image Credit: Amazon
What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
check orangeFull-package deal with perches, feeder cups, and a rope boing cross signMay be too large for smaller living spaces.
check orangeMultiple levels for pets to climb and explore.
check orangeSturdy wrought iron construction with water- and oxidant-resistant paint.
check orangeEasy assembly with illustrated instructions and video guidance.

The sturdy wrought iron construction, finished with water and oxidant-resistant paint, ensures durability and long-term service. The package includes six wooden dowel perches, eight feeder cups, and a rope boing, providing immediate enjoyment for your pets.

Featuring multiple levels, the cage has two platforms connected by ladders, allowing for creative internal configurations. Ideal for small animals like ferrets, the cage offers ample climbing and exploring space. Two large front doors provide convenient access, while the slide-out tray and grill make cleaning hassle-free.


  • Overall Dimension: 81 x 46.5 x 175.5 cm/31.9 x 18.3 x 69’’ (WxDxH)
  • Package Size: 95.5 x 83.5 x 16 cm/37.6 x 32.9 x 6.3’’ (LxWxH)
  • Lower Storage Shelf Size: 80.7 x 46.5 cm/31.8 x 18.3’’ (LxW)
  • Cage Size: 77 x 46 x 130 cm/30.3 x 18.1 x 51.2’’ (WxDxH)
  • Tier Panel Size: 46 x 18 cm/18.1 x 7.1’’ (LxW)
  • Door Size: 53.5 x 25 cm/21.1 x 9.8’’ (LxW)
  • Feeder Bowl Size: 7.5 x 5 cm/3 x 2” (Dia.xD)
  • Feeder Door Size: 8 x 12.5 cm/3.2 x 4.9″(WxL)
  • Ladder Size: 59 x 12 cm/23.2 x 4.7’’ (LxW)
  • Max. Load Capacity: 20 kg/44 lb

In conclusion, the Yaheetech Ferret Cage provides a spacious and secure home for your pets, with thoughtful features and easy assembly. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a comprehensive and durable living space for your ferrets.

What to Look for in a Ferret Cage

Before buying a ferret cage a ferret owner should consider what is required in their ferret cage according to their situation. 

The choice may be different for each ferret owner but we are here to save your time by providing the main essential things that you should look for in a ferret cage and some of them are:

Space And Dimensions

Having a ferret cage that has the required dimensions means that your ferret will have a lot of space to move around ensuring a comfortable environment. You should consider that your ferret might grow in size in the future if your ferret is still young. 

A safe spot for the dimensions for your ferret cage should be 24″ x 24″ x 18″ high (60 cm x 60 cm x 45 cm) according to VCA Animal Hospitals. 

Having a multi-leveled ferret cage can be great for single ferrets if you have the required budget for it. Having a floor height of at least 2.5 feet is great when buying a ferret cage. 

Opt for a ferret cage with more dimensions if you have multiple ferrets around the house.

Proper Ventilation 

Having proper ventilation in the ferret cage can ensure that there is proper airflow inside the cage. Having improper ventilation can lead to breathing problems for your ferret which can result in even death of your ferret. 

The worst thing you can do to your ferret is place them inside a glass tank which has very poor ventilation. To ensure a proper ventilation inside your ferret cage make sure that you have a wire ferret cage.

Easy To Clean

Having a ferret cage that’s easy to clean makes sure that during your ferret cage cleaning procedure that happens daily, weekly and annually you do not face any difficulties doing it. 

Make sure that you have replaceable panels in your ferret cage which makes the cleaning procedure easy as you can take out the individual parts one by one and place them to dry outside in the sun. 

Having a large door for your ferret cage can also be useful as you might need to take out the ferret litter box, bedding regularly and disassembling the ferret cage daily might be a hard thing to do.

Free Of Hazards

As a ferret owner you do not want your ferret to be the result of your mistakes. Ferret proofing the cage will help to prevent any hazards that might occur inside the cage. 

To properly ferret proof the cage one must have solid floor or ramps as ferrets can get stuck inside wired floors or ramps. Cover the wire floor with a plastic tray to prevent any issues if your cage brand has it. Additionally, cover the ramps with fabric sleeves.

Another hazard that might occur is due to ferret cages having painted metal bars. This can be an issue due to ferrets sometimes chewing on the metal bars as the chemicals used to paint the metal bars can get inside the ferret causing health problems. 

A simple solution to this is to have a ferret cage that does not have painted metal bars.

A Secure Lock

As mentioned above ferrets like to get inside tight spaces and furniture so to prevent this having a secure lock in your ferret cage can ensure the prevention of anything bad happening to your ferret. 

Ferrets also eat anything that they find around the house and the things that ferrets can eat are quite different as compared to humans. 

Human foods mostly contain high amounts of sugar, carbohydrates or fiber which can be harmful for your ferrets as ferrets need a diet that is high in protein, fats and low in fiber and carbohydrates. 

Check whether your ferret can escape the cage when it’s locked to ensure the reliability of the lock. Replacing with a different lock can be a great option if your ferret successfully escapes the cage without any difficulty.

Cage Construction

When choosing a ferret cage choose one that is made up of acrylic and metal combined for the best quality. Also look for wire cages as they are easier to clean, has good ventilation and long-lasting as well.


This is not a mandatory option but having wheels in your ferret cage ensures the move ability/portability of it. This can be a great addition to your ferret cage if you like to restructure your room a lot or make a lot of changes to it.  

Filling a Ferret’s Cage

Image Credit: BeChewy

There are certain things that need to be present inside the ferret cage. You do not want your cage to be just empty. 

Think of your ferret cage as a house or room for your ferret. The following are the things that needs to be present inside the ferret cage


Ferrets are animals that like to have fun and move around a lot. Having toys inside the cage can ensure that you can play with your ferret when they might get bored. 

Try to get some ferret toys such as a circular tunnel, toy balls, or something fun like a teaser snake. Enriching the activity of your ferret can help them not get into places that they shouldn’t be.


Cages are also a place to sleep for your ferret so having a proper bedding inside the cage is an essential when filling up the ferret cage. 

There are various types of bedding that can be used inside the cage. The one that we recommend is using hammocks and blankets as it’s the most used among ferret owners. 

Hammocks and blankets also ensure that your ferret lives inside a very cozy environment thus making the cage a good place to sleep.

Litter Box

Ferrets have fast metabolism which means that they need to poop regularly throughout the day. Having a litter box inside the cage and training your ferret to use the litter box can ensure that your ferret can eliminate its waste on it. 

When choosing a litter box be careful as choosing the wrong one can lead your ferret to just pooping anywhere inside the house. 

Choose a litter box that has high-sides and a low entrance. Litter boxes that are made up of plastic material are the most recommended. Do not choose a litter box that has mesh type structure in it.

How do I clean a ferret cage?

Maintaining your ferret’s health hinges on its living environment. A dirty cage can lead to respiratory and skin issues. This section focuses on efficient ferret cage cleaning, covering topics like choosing suitable cleaning products, essential cleaning tools, and recommended cleaning schedules.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Products:

Opt for dedicated ferret-friendly cleaning products. Prioritize organic, safe options with a pleasant scent to ensure a hygienic environment and prevent health issues.

Cleaning Tools Required:

Build a cleaning kit with essentials such as a playpen, cleaning brushes, water bucket, cleaning towels, rubber gloves, and a disinfectant. High-quality tools are crucial for your ferret’s well-being.

Cleaning Schedule:

Daily cleaning involves scooping waste, cleaning flat surfaces, emptying water bottles, and swapping bedding. Weekly cleaning includes a deeper cleanse, involving disinfecting the cage, washing fabric items, and wiping down walls.

Annual cleaning, performed outside, entails disassembling the cage, creating a bleach-based cleanser, power washing, and allowing the cage to dry for at least 24 hours.

Reducing Ferret Smell

While cleaning plays a significant role, other factors like sebaceous glands and ear wax influence a ferret’s smell. While it’s impossible to eliminate their natural scent, using air purifiers can help mask it.

Cleaning the Ferret Litter Box:

Daily cleaning is crucial to prevent waste buildup, which can lead to sickness and unhygienic conditions. Use appropriate litter, consider having a box per ferret, and opt for a low entrance, high-sided design for the best litter box.


Why is the cage size crucial for ferrets, and how do I determine the appropriate size for my ferrets’ cage?

Cage size is important for ferrets because ferrets tend to move around a lot and having an environment that allows them to do so can lead to your ferret being more happy.

The appropriate size for a ferret cage can be different for each ferret owner. It all depends on the number of ferrets you have, the size of the room that the cage is going to be placed. Go for a cage that is large if you have multiple ferrets, having a minimum size of 24″ x 24″ x 18″ high (60 cm x 60 cm x 45 cm) is recommended by most experts.

Are multi-level cages better for ferrets, and what are the advantages of providing vertical space in their living environment?

Multi-level cages can be a better option for ferrets as it helps them to have their own personal space that they can move around.

The advantage of providing vertical space in their living environment is that they won’t feel constricted or trapped and it also helps to prevent injuries to your ferret if your ferret tries to vertical jump or just jump inside the cage.

How often should I clean my ferret’s cage?

You should have daily, weekly and annual cleaning schedule for your ferrets.

How do I introduce my ferret to a new cage?

What we recommend is to place the bedding, litter boxes, and other items of your ferret inside the new cage which can provide some hint to your ferret that this is their new habitat. Every ferret owner has their own way so you can experiment yourself about the cage transition.

Last Updated on 19 January 2024

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