The 4 Best Bedding For Ferrets In 2024 | Tested And Reviewed

Best Ferret Bedding

Ferrets can sleep up to 18 hours per day so having a proper bedding system is crucial for the well-being of your ferrets

They are also crepuscular which means they are active mostly during dusk and dawn.Their eyesight is best during this time as well as they descend from polecats that sleep in burrows below the ground

Ferrets require complete darkness, cozy, and quiet place and if exposed to too much light cannot sleep very well and may develop behavioral and health problems.

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The Best Bedding For Ferrets


Simple fleece or cotton blankets are one of the most common options for ferret owners. Natural fibers are more breathable and better for your ferrets regarding their comfort.

They love blankets because they love to crawl into a dark place. They love the ability to adjust the blanket and create their own cocoon.

Blankets create a soft, warm, dark, and snug space for sleep.  They are also durable and easy to wash, making them excellent for ferret owners as well.

Our Pick: Marshall Designer Fleece Blanket for Ferrets, Pattern Fleece

Marshall Designer Fleece Blanket for Ferrets, Pattern Fleece
What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
check orangeSoft Materialred cross signSmaller Than Expected
check orangeEasy To Clean
check orangeGood Style

Sleep Sacks

Sleep sacks are fabric sewn to create a three-sided bag big enough for a ferret to crawl in and curl up to sleep.

Our Pick: FULUE Ferret Rat Hammock Tent Hanging

FULUE Ferret Rat Hammock Tent Hanging Tunnel Cage Accessories Set for Small Pets,Cage Decorations for Ferrets Rats (Galaxy Black)
What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
check orangeHigh-Quality Materialsred cross signIt can cause safety issues if not used properly
check orangeValue For Money
check orangeVibrant Colors
check orangeEasy To Setup


Hammocks can be opened and closed.

Ferrets like the sensation of being suspended while sleeping.

They are hanged in a higher place in the cage which ferrets need to climb up which can create some mental and physical enrichment.

Open hammocks allow the ferrets to sleep uncovered if they want it, whether closed hammocks provide the sensation to your ferrets of feeling suspended while sleeping and surrounded by darkness.

Most ferrets prefer open hammocks in the summertime and closed hammocks in the winter time due to the coziness that it provides.

Our Pick: Marshall Pet Hanging Nap Sack

Marshall Pet Hanging Nap Sack
Marshall Pet Products
What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
check orangeHighly Adjustablered cross signFerrets Might Engulf it
check orangeEasy To Clean
check orangeFerrets Feel Warm in it

Novelty Ferret Beds

Novelty ferret beds are those beds that are fun looking. Things such as crocodiles, boats, and many more. These beds can also include attached toys which can serve as an entertainment for your ferret.

Buy the novelty beds that are especially made for ferrets and have good stitching and made from high-quality material. Prefer natural fabrics. Ferrets can have skin issues, safety hazards if chosen as a ferret bedding with a bad material.

Our Pick: FULUE Ferret Bed Cave

What We LikedWhat We Didn’t Like
check orangeSoft Materialred cross signFerrets might tear or chew it
check orangeVisually Appealing
check orangeBig in Size

What is Bedding For Ferrets?

Bedding is an organic material used by ferret owners to create a comfortable place for your ferrets to sleep in . It is used for different animals such as dogs, cats, reptiles, livestocks, poultry, rodents ,and many more. Some of it’s other purposes are

  • Protection from temperature.
  • Prevents odor from spreading.
  • Substitutes burrows for small animals like some rodents.
  • Most pet owners put it in the bottom of the cage so that it can dig in and rest.

You need to choose the proper type of bedding for your ferret such as hammocks and blanket.

Do ferrets need bedding in their cage?

It’s not absolutely mandatory to have bedding in the ferret cage but most ferret owners figure out that there are better solutions for the bottom of the cage.

Most cages come up with a higher bottom part as it allows for the ferret bedding to fit in.

You need to be careful while choosing the ferret bedding as some ferret bedding can cause respiratory issues.

How many Bedding Should Ferrets Have In The Cage?

You need to have a variety of beds for your ferrets to choose from. This is due to the time that they spend sleeping. They sleep a lot so they should have a lots of bed that they can choose from.

It helps to fulfill their desires about sleeping. Setting up different bedding options throughout the cage will help your ferret become happy.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Bedding For Ferrets?

There can be some disadvantages as well to owning a ferret bedding such as causing mess around the cage, ferrets can confuse it with litter, and some ferrets can also be harmful for your ferrets.

Bedding causes mess around the cage

When there is bedding around the cage then the bedding will be all around the cage. Every time your ferret moves in or out of the cage the bedding may fall out of the cage. It can create a lot of mess in the cage which you need to clean everyday.

Ferrets can confuse it with litter

Your ferrets might get confused with the bedding, litter box and they might poop in it which can create a lot of mess inside the cage. A proper cage cleaning will be required to clean up the poop present in it.

Along with that your ferrets can step on the poop which can create even a more messy cage.

Bedding can help with reducing the smell of the poop but won’t help in containing the poop on one platform.

It won’t be necessary if you have a good litter box which can help reduce the ferret’s smell.

The Wrong Bedding can be harmful to your ferrets

The wrong bedding can harm the respiratory system of your ferret. Avoid having bedding that has essential oils in it’s structure.

One such harmful bedding for ferrets in wood pellet bedding which can turn into dust that can enter into the ferret’s respiratory tract which can cause sneezing, coughing and other health problems.

Choose one type of ferret bedding

Paper bedding is one of the common types of bedding that ferret owners approve of. It doesn’t cause respiratory issues, smell, is made up of natural materials and absorbs liquid very well.

Having a ferret bedding that is absorbing is important because ferrets love to dig in the water bowl which can create a mess.

Buying a good water bowl can help to prevent this type of mess.

What type of ferret bedding is required?

When choosing the ferret bedding factors such as construction of the cage should be considered.  Put something on the bottom if you have a cage with wired floors, ramp or platforms.

Opting for a ferret bedding that is dust-free is very important as ferrets can inhale the dust which can cause respiratory issues. Do not choose sawdust, straw, hay, and wood shavings as your ferret bedding.

Wired floors can irritate your ferrets so it is mandatory. Having a good bedding in a cage with wired floors can help prevent injuries.

The following are the types of ferret bedding good for your ferret


Linoleum is cheap, easy to cut and shape which can make it easy to put into the cage. It’s also thick enough to cover the wire in the cage and keep your ferret’s paws safe.

It is also easy to maintain as you can easily wipe it with a proper cleaning solution that you use while cleaning the cage. Replacing linoleum is easy as you can simply pull out and replace it.

Ferret Cage Liners

Ferret cage liners are pieces of fabric that you put on the floor, lamps, and platform to keep the cage clean at all times. Choose a fabric that can absorb water and is durable as ferrets will try to dig through it. You can make cage liners by yourself or you can buy it which can make it a good option for some ferret owners.

Hammocks and Blankets

Hammocks and blankets can be a good place to sleep for your ferrets. Setting up the environment is necessary when setting up your hammocks and blankets for your ferret.

The factors to consider when choosing a good hammocks and blankets are

  1. Size
  2. Material Used
  3. Place that you want to put it

Last Updated on 28 February 2024

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